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Serving Quality Lumber To All of Alberta
Golden Spike Lumber Sales in Spruce Grove, Alberta has a long history of providing exceptional customer service and going the extra
mile to ensure your home and building projects start on the right foot.
We carry essential construction products, such as #2 & better spruce boards, ACQ green and Micro-Pro Sienna treated boards.
In addition to our regular construction grade boards we offer a variety of rough spruce lumber, including fencing, second cut slabs and blocking. We are also proud to have one of the largest selections of rough fir lumber and timbers in North America.
We Now Accept E-Transfer For Your Convenience!
Our staff combine for over 50 years of industry experience and will assist you in completing the job. We are locally owned and operated since 1988 and if we don’t have what you need we’ll help you track it down!
We’re available for a variety of customers including small contractors, landscapers, residential DIYers, as well as commercial and industrial manufacturers. We primarily serve clients in Northern Alberta from Red Deer to Fort McMurray, but we can ship to anywhere in Alberta with our fleet of delivery trucks.

Why Choose Golden Spike Lumber?

We've Been In The Business Over 30 years

“If We Don’t Have What You Need, Chances Are You Can’t Get It.”

Roman Buryska – Store Manager

Grades Of Lumber Available

We Carry A Variety Of Lumber Grades

No. 1 and Better
No. 2 and Better
Construction Grade
Economy Grade
Rough Cut

High quality lumber, prioritizing strength and appearance. Minimal splitting, no knots larger than

2.75”. Generally used for structural framing, and framing where appearance is a factor.

High quality lumber, 2” or wider, selected for strength. Low level of splitting, larger knots, and
some warping of materiel. Used for light structural framing, such as trusses, lintels, and rafters..

Average quality lumber, used for general framing and construction purposes. Some splitting,
and high level of knots. Commonly seen in residential framing.

Low quality lumber, generally used for non-permanent applications, such as temporary bracing,
or dunnage. High levels of splitting, warping, and knots.

Fully dimensional, ungraded rough lumber, generally from fir or spruce. Most often used for
pipeline skids and timber-framing..


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